Dog wash system.

Pawfect Bathing System

Introducing the brand new Pawfect Bathing System, designed and built by Trendy Pooches Designs.

This bathing system saves time on washing and meters the soap in the correct dilution directly to the coat and skin of the dog. This means a cost saving on time and a big saving on shampoo. It is very user friendly and looks great in any well appointed salon.

The innovative design of the electronic switching system allows a choice of up to 4 shampoos or a mix of shampoo and conditioner to be available to the operator at the touch of a button and the safety delay between switching ensures no bleed through or cross contamination of soap. Should this unit be installed in a self serve environment, the electronics have the ability to time out the usage of the unit so that the customer only gets the time that they pay for. Rinse water is not timed but will only be switched on by the imputing of a user code issued on payment of the fee.

The Pawfect bathing system is made from only the best valves and switches and nearly all of the internal parts are metal and not cheap plastic. This will ensure the system has a long and trouble free life in the harsh environment of the busy dog grooming salon/self serve dog wash.

As this is a brand new concept we are avidly testing the unit on all available water system types and making adjustment to ensure the unit will operate on all these systems. At present we have soak tested the unit on a pressurised cylinder and a combination boiler. We are trying to develop a way to link it to an electric shower without the need of expensive adaptations to the shower however this is proving to be a challenge and as yet we cannot certify the system as good for this type of water supply. Once our research and development team have completed their task we will be releasing the electrically heated Pawfect bathing system so this will ensure all water systems are covered.

The Pawfect Bathing System will be available to purchase in the UK from the end of February 2017 for an introductory price of £650.00. There will also be available a series of upgrades to ensure it is suitable for all users.

We will shortly be adding more information to this page concerning suitable water system types, videos of the system in action and fitting instructions. We will try to cover all the questions that we have been asked so far and have an ordering page so that they are available to purchase from this site. So please keep checking back for more information.

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