Moreton Dog Grooming


Moreton Dog Grooming

Location : 9 Oakenholt Road, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 8TP

Telephone : 0151 678 2041




Welcome to Trendy Pooches Moreton Dog Grooming. The Trendy Pooches Grooming Salon & Self Serve Dog Wash is an award winning business situated on Hoylake Road, Moreton; ideally placed to cater for dog owners from Birkenhead, Wallasey and Greasby. We also have many clients travel from Liverpool for dog grooming.

From our Moreton Dog Grooming salon we provide a full grooming service including bathing, clipping & styling, ear & eye cleaning, nail trimming along with pamper packages. You will also find our self serve dog wash at these premises. Microchipping is also available by appointment. Full details of our services are as follows :

Does your dog have a curly, wavy, wiry, silky or long coat? If so, there’s a good chance he will require a regular routine of hair clipping. Even if your dog’s coat isn’t all that long, it still might be advantageous to have a haircut for far more than aesthetic reasons. With many breeds, clipping and trimming lessens the chances of matting, tangles and the infestation of fleas and other pests, thus reducing the risk of skin infections. It can also help him stay clean and cooler during long, hot summers.

At Trendy Pooches Moreton Dog Grooming Salon we treat each dog as an individual and is styled depending on numerous criteria, including the owner’s wishes, the condition of the dog and its coat. Most dogs are given a style representative of their breed, but sometimes we can offer something a little different – please ask us for more information.

Wash & Blow
If your dog just needs a bath, blow dry and a ‘brush up’ we’ll be pleased to help. We have the facilities to bath your dog safely and securely.

Flea Treatment
Our grooming salon provides a flea shampoo service which kills any live fleas on your dog. Charged as an extra on top of the grooming price, any dogs found with fleas will automatically be washed in this.

Anal Gland Expression
Our staff are fully trained to perform the task of emptying your dogs anal glands. This service is available in addition to grooming services.

Ask us for details.

Nail Clipping
We will clip your dog’s nails as a part of each grooming appointment. If you just need the nails clipped we can often do this without an appointment, just call in or give us a quick call to arrange.

Nail Varnish
Got an attention-seeking pooch that wants to be the focus of everyone? How about treating her to a varnish and polish and watch heads turn as her nails dazzle in the sunlight.

Ear Clean / Plucking
Certain breeds of dog have excessive ear hair which can grow thick and sometimes cause problems inside the ear itself. We give the area a good clean and remove the excess hair. Plucking the ears regularly to keep the hair blocking the canal to a minimum can help prevent ear infections and moisture build-up.

Paw Tidy / Nail clipping
This service includes anail trim plus removal of the excess hair under and on top of pads for tidy feet and to reduce the risk of grass seeds, dirt and knots forming inside pads.

Breath Freshener / Teeth Cleaning
We’ll give your dog’s teeth a good clean and use a specialist formula spray in the mouth and on the gums to reduce plaque and freshen breath.

Hydrating Facial with Massage
Our exfoliating, highly relaxing and hydrating Facial will leave your dogs face refreshed and ready to radiate in the park sunshine.

Paw Soak – Pedicure
A relaxing pedicure, nail trim, pads and paw trim and a gentle paw massage. This treatment helps revitalise paws subjected to gravel, asphalt, snow, salt treated roads and hot pavements. Vitamin enriched to keep paws soft and less likely to crack. It soothes paws and leaves your pet feeling refreshed.

Wash, Blow, Conditioner and Tellington TTouch Massage. From £30.00
A grooming service with additional TTouch Massage. For more information on Tellington TTouch please visit this section of our website.

Tellington TTouch Massage and Body Wrap. From £25.00
A Tellington TTouch massage with a touch of luxury.