Terms & Conditions of dog grooming can be read below :

Dog GroomingThroughout the grooming process, we take great care to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of your dog. However, I or other staff members of Trendy Pooches are not liable for any pre-existing conditions and problems found throughout the grooming process. Any advice given regarding health problems should be followed up with advice from your vet.

In the event of injury or illness, a vet may be sought and all costs will be at the owner’s expense unless proven to be a direct result from Trendy Pooches Dog Grooming.

All clients must sign a dog grooming customer consent form and are asked to inform us of any known medical problems, allergies, etc. Please also inform us of any changes in your dog’s health/details accordingly.

You must inform us if your dog has aggressive tendencies. A muzzle may be used where necessary. Trendy Pooches reserves the right not to groom a dog if it shows unmanageable aggression / anxiety. In such an event, the owner will be contacted immediately and asked to collect their dog at no charge.

Dog GroomersThe grooming of elderly dogs is undertaken entirely at the owner’s risk.

In the event of severely matted/overgrown coats and the need to clip down, the owner should be aware that irritation might occur from the shaving process. These mats tend to be located very close to the skin, around the ears, neck, armpits and groin. The owner agrees that Trendy Pooches will not be held liable for any after grooming effects or problems uncovered on a severely matted or neglected coat. This treatment is not routine and as your dog may look very different afterwards, We will, at all times, seek the owner’s consent before carrying out the procedure.

An extra charge will incur if your dog is badly matted or takes longer due to behaviour issues.

Every effort will be made to groom your dog to meet your expectations. It must be made clear however, that no guarantee can be made in this regard, and Trendy Pooches accepts no responsibility for the groom being carried out according to instructions, but not to your visual expectations. Records are kept in order to track progress and it may take several grooming sessions for the coat to grow to desired style.

Your dog may be photographed before, during and after its groom. These images may be used on Trendy Pooches website/Facebook pages etc. unless you specifically request us not to do so. Any such request not to be photographed will be detailed in writing on our dog grooming customer consent form.